History of the Jameson Family -- Page 3
   (Most of the following information was written by John Jameson -- grandson of Madison -- about 1967)

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From The People's Journal, Pickens, South Carolina 1894-1903
Historical and Genealogical Abstracts
Compiled by Peggy Burton Rich and Marion Ard Whitehurst, Heritage Books, Inc.

page 9          James Jameson died at his residence near Maynard, SC the 19 (Feb). He leaves two children, J. B. Jameson and Mrs. A. E. Davis.

There are references to "Magistrate J.M. Jamison" and "Magistrate J. M. Jameson" in this book. Must be same person. There is also mention of a Constable Jameson.

page 186  Pension Roll 1899, Pickens Co., SC Class B $17.60 listing a J. J. Jamerson.

page 261        Estate of Cornelius Keith 353 acres in Pumpkintown Township to be sold (tax execution). 

page 267        "Mr. H. E. Couch of Texas died. This has to be before 9 Jan 1902 as the next "issue of" is this date. I don't
have page 266 to show which issue this came out of.

page 165 Issue of Thurs 2 Dec 1897 F. M. Couch "the butcher" will move in the Talley house in the eastern part of

page 81  Issue of 9 Jan 1896 W.W. Orr of Texas is visiting this county.

Page 103 Issue of Thurs 18 Jun 1896: Pickens Co., SC Citation Notice - W.W. Orr applies for Letters of Administration for the estate of Mrs. S.A.R. Orr, deceased.

Page 163 Issue of Thurs 11 Nov 1897 Pickens Co., SC Final settlement - Estate of Mrs. S.A.R. Orr, deceased by W.W.
Orr, Administrator.

From:  "Pickens County South Carolina Cemetery Survey" Vol I.

Jameson Family Cemetery (Aerial Photo)
Effie Jameson 
d/o T.O. & R.J. Jameson 
b. May 16, 1887
d. Oct 11, 1910
"TWINS" Jameson
s/o T.O. and R.J. Jameson
b. Apr 26, 1886
d. Apr 26, 1886
McElroy Jameson
b. Sep 3, 1826
d. Jan 17, 1908
Co A 20th SC Inf CSA
Margaret C. Jameson
b. Oct 20, 1837
d. Feb 1, 1892
Arlington S. Jameson
b. Jan 8, 1869
d. Nov    1912
INFANT Jameson
w/o Mr. & Mrs. A.S. Jameson
d. Jul 13 1893
Loyd D. Jameson
b. Jun 4 1896
d. Aug 26, 1916
Fred George Jameson
b. 20 Aug 1900
d. Nov 1, 1965
83 Field Arty WW-I
Darcus Jameson
w/o W. M. Jameson
b. Oct 5, 1825
d. Oct 2. 1904
Pyrmus Briggs Jameson
b. Aug 13, 1824
d. Dec 26, 1846
William JamesonJr b. Oct 12, 1786
d. Apr 4, 1850
Rebecca Fowler Jameson
w/o William Jameson Jr.
d. Aug 13, 1851
Ethel Troline Orr
d/o W.W. & S.A.R. Orr
b. Jul 16, 1876
d. Aug 5, 1878
Frances Lavela Jameson
d/o C. & A.M. Jameson 
d. Aug 2, 1863
Amanda Melvina McAdams
b. Feb 2, 1836
d. Apr 12, 1915
b. Feb 12, 1848
d. Feb 19, 1916
Orgie Jake Jameson
b. Apr 9, 1903
d. Jun 19, 1905
Aged: 2y 2mo 10d
Zoe May Jameson
b. Feb 24, 1898
d. Oct 1900
Aged 2y 7mo 25d
O. J. Cox
w/o of J.B. Jameson
b. Nov 5, 1871
d. Apr 22, 1903
Aged 31y 4m 17d
John B. Jameson
b. Mar 9, 1866
d. Jul 26, 1921
Mary Ida Jameson
w/o J. B. Jameson
b. Feb 14, 1870
d. Dec 1. 1922
John Bryant Jameson 
b. Mar 25, 1910
d. Oct 21, 1964
Mollie Byrd
w/o James Monroe Jameson
b. Oct 18, 1882
d. Mar 24, 1972*
James M Jameson b. Jul 16, 1905
d. Nov 20, 1953
PFC 12 Aviation Sq. A.A.F., WW-II**

The Jameson Cemetery was surveyed on June 23, 1977.

*Another page from this same book - but does not say what cemetery

**St. Jeans Cemetery

Obituary from Pickens Sentinel, issue of 15 April 1915:

"Died-  Mrs. Amanda Jameson McAdams died Sunday, April 11, at the home of her son, Tom O. Jameson, near Easley, and was buried in the Jameson burying ground. She was in her 80th year. Her maiden name was Amanda Orr and she was twice married. Her first husband was Carroll Jameson and two sons survive by this marriage, Tom O. of this county and John C. of the West. Her second husband was Mr. McAdams and by him two sons survive, George McAdams of Texas and Mason B. McAdams of Oklahoma."

Contributed by Barbara Eades